project-based professional writing

Case Studies


Have a customer story that illustrates your brand promise? We conduct in-depth, journalist-style, customer interviews then develop case studies based on our established model. The final product is perfect for website content, PR outreach, and omni-channel marketing.

Trend Reports


We develop trend reports that leverage brand knowledge, industry research, and original survey data to position you as a forward-thinking industry leader. Trend reports are typically pitched to trade publications and industry blogs for editorial coverage and are ideal for lead gen and sales enablement.

Thought Leadership


Does your founder or an executive at your company have a compelling point of view or industry expertise? Thought leadership articles and op-eds are an effective way to communicate with customers and position your brand ahead of the competition.

additional services


Content Distribution

Want to pitch that trend report or thought leadership article to journalists or bloggers for editorial coverage? Through our PR and publisher partnerships, we've got you covered.

Messaging Architecture

We collaborate with brands to develop narrative-driven messaging architecture for website copy, public relations activities, digital marketing campaigns, and sales materials. 

Content Analytics

Want to measure the impact of your content? We will give you recommendations and strategic insight in terms of best practices and vendors to meet your needs.

Graphic Design

We have a handful of seasoned graphic designers who develop visual content for our clients as needed. This includes trend report graphics, case study visuals, data-driven infographics, and more.

Book or E-book Editing

We offer professional editing services for subject matter experts or brands looking to tell their unique story as part of a broader messaging platform.